Treat yourself when you treat someone else!

Tis the season to spread your love of food to others.  For a limited time we will be selling our $50 gift cards for just $40.  

Keep in mind this is only available for a limited time.  So come in to any Wagshals location and take advantage of this deal before its too late.

While supplies last.  No rain checks.  These gift cards may not be returned for the $50 value, only $40.  Purchase and use of these gift cards means you agree to our terms and restrictions.

problem with earning loyalty reward points

We are currently trying to resolve an issue with a small amount of customers not receiving loyalty reward points for their purchases.  We are hoping to have this problem resolved in the next day or so.  

11.17.2015 Update - in an effort to resolve this problem the Point of Sale company we use has accidentally disabled gift cards. They are working diligently to resolve this immediately. For the time being no gift cards are able to be used or issued. 

11.22.2015 Update - gift cards, earning loyalty reward points, loyalty reward point redemption is up and running.  As a precaution, tonight we will be going through our database and checking each member.  We apologize for this unfortunate problem.  We are working with our POS vendor to ensure this wont happen in the future.

Oh Comcast, how you annoy us

Our New Mexico location has been experiencing internet connectivity problems this last week.  Comcast has not been as reliable as we would have liked and expected.  Now like most households and businesses we are limited with our alternative providers.

We are in the process of exploring redundant systems to help alleviate any problems in the future.  We thank all of our customers for their continued support and understanding.

stores experiencing problems with gift cards

the stores are experiencing problems with gift cards.  this just happened less than 20 mins ago.  we have our gift card provider working on resolving this issue and hope to have everything resolved in an hour.  we apologize for the inconvenience.



UPDATE - 5PM 12.19.2013 - EVERYTHING HAS BEEN RESOLVED.  we are happy to say that everything is working.  We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.